Please add auto redirect forum to HTTPS
Please add auto redirect forum to HTTPS
why must you be so obnoxious about it?
no place irritation
what's the point demands a strong password for the forum if it is transmitted in plain?
https is available. either manually specify https:// in the url, or use HTTPS Everywhere.
then why would impose a complex password? I could to manually select complexity
Epixoip you're a good man, you're in the team doing unique first-class product
everything that I write here only to raise quality because i like hc
The complex password is because of spam bots. Most of them have bad password generators. If you really want SSL all the time, why don't you install add SSL enforcer plugin (I use KB SSL Enforcer). Much better and works on all sites.
we are talking about one site -
I do not want to be downer
but web-сlients position is not advisable to put unnecessary plugin with unnecessary browser

I see five reasons why not redirect

1. Atom cooperates with NSA
2. Sysadmin on vacation
3. not knows how to do it
4. Forgot password as root on the web server
5. Simply harmful

what's true motives?
the intended audience for this forum is security professionals and hackers. in other words, people who already know when/where to use https. therefore, it is not necessary to force the use of https.

forcing https on all pages for all users also places an undue burden on the server, which is undesirable.

your warning level is already at 100% for being extremely obnoxious and a huge annoyance. you would be wise to just drop the issue.