v1.30 about to release
hey beta-testers,

are you aware of any bugs left in v1.30 that you think should be fixed before releasing v1.30?

maybe i just missed one, but starting with beta21+ it works very good for me

Not sure if a bug or whether the .new file is used as a temp file.

Observed with the latest beta 1.30b23 and previous versions.

Noticeable when cracking large hashlists eg 1GB plus. After the cracking process has finished (during the time when oclhashcat is unresponsive to commands) a .new (hashes) file is generated, it is then deleted and regenerated again. Not sure if the part where is is deleted and generated again normal.
I've noticed this as well. I think what is happening is that the "checkpoints" are done incrementally, and when the run finishes, its still processing each checkpoint. So if your run finishes, and you still have 3 left, it writes them all before finishing.
I'm having a persistent ERROR: clEnqueueCopyBuffer() -30 when pressing the b key
running 1.30b24, but have that in previous beta as well, no matter what dictionaire
is running, using for test one 290X. Not sure if this is a bug.