Multi GPU clustering
Hi Everyone,

I have a question about if it is possible to run a multi GPU cluster for hashcat.
I have cudahashcat working on The-Distribution-Which-Does-Not-Handle-OpenCL-Well (Kali).
The GPU's that I use are 2 nvidia GTX670.

I'm searching for about 2 days now but other then this article I can't find anything.
Is this article still valid? According to the article this only works on AMD GPU's. I have 1 R9 290 from AMD and a ATI firepro from a laptop that I can test it with but before I begin switching graphic cards and installing OS's I want to know if this article is still valid or mayby if there is another solution how to cluster multiple GPU's for password cracking.

I also found this article but this doesn't say anything about a multi GPU cluster.

Kind regards M-H.
VCL is dead - it does not work, but that was for clustering multiple GPUs on different machines. You should have no problem with multiple GPUs on the SAME machine. Hashcat handles that by default. You'll get stats about how fast each GPU is cracking / temperature / fan speed, etc.
Yes I know that.
My 2 GPU's are doing fine each cracking at a very nice speed Smile.
But that was my question if I have multiple PC's each with 1 or 2 GPU's to get them to work together to brute force NTLM, mscash & mscashv2 and WPA hashes.

My other option is off course to start brute forcing on a different letter. Let one machine start on small letter a and another on capital a.

So if I understand correctly there is no way to combine multiple PC's together?
Sorry, I misunderstood. I bookmarked this link from a couple months ago where atom (creator of hashcat) was very complimentary of hashtopus, which does what you're looking for. I haven't tried it myself.

The problem with these types of software is they often aren't updated. So in my opinion, while hashtopus is probably pretty great, I wouldn't trust anything more than just short term until it is built directly into hashcat.

By the way - that link goes to reddit, and then links back here, but I think some of the comments are instructive.
Ok thanks for the link I will look that up Smile and switch my nvidia GPU's for my AMD gpu since I read some articles that AMD does a better job.
I found a video on youtube for the installation process:
And the manual here:

This is indeed the solution that I was looking for and you don't need GPU's from a different brand, you can mix nvidia and AMD GPU's.

I'm sertainly going to test this with my machines at home Smile. But next month when there is some budget available Smile.

Thanks ccole for the link Smile.