Maskprocesor with many arguments
I would like to use maskprosesor like this:

mp64 word1 word2 ... word1024 some.rule -o /file

My questions is it possible to use more then 1 word for argument?
this is a basic operating system question, not a maskprocessor question.

to prevent the shell from interpreting arguments with spaces as multiple arguments, wrap the argument in quotes.
mp64.exe "pass?d?d" "pass2?d?d" "pass3?d?d" -o f:\wordlist

wordlist looks like this:

without pass2 and pass3
i don't think you're phrasing your question clearly. are you asking how to supply multiple masks to maskprocessor? if so, the answer is you can't. instead you could use a loop.
yea.. a loop in a windows, god joke - spider pig, spider pig does whatever a spider pig does! Smile

but I mean, I need to use mask with multiple words... like in example

mp64.exe "password?d?d" "pass?d?d" "highfive3?d?d" -o f:\wordlist

wordlist looks like this:

without "pass" and "highfive"... etc etc.
right. use a loop. either in a batch script or in powershell. although maskprocessor runs very slowly in powershell iirc.
it runs at full speed with -o
This or other way, thanks guys. I solve the problem using for loop in a linux.