ALL outputs of best64.rules of a word in a dic.

How can I find out all outputs of eg. word: password using best64.rules.

I know about: : r u T0

but what about eg.:
+5 ] } } } } '4
*04 +0 '4

Use --stdout

./hashcat-cli64.bin --stdout myword.txt -r rules/best64.rule > myword-mangled.txt
Thank you Milzo,

but how can I do it in Windows 7?

in CMD I typed:
oclHashcat64.exe --stdout myword.txt -r rules/best64.rule > myword-mangled.txt

and I reveice: oclHashcat64.exe: unknown option -- stdout
without anything...

Please advise
The advice of Milzo was to use cpu hashcat ( and not oclHashcat

./hashcat-cli64.bin means cpu hashcat, because the missing ocl and the cli in the name.

oclHashcat does not support --stdout, because the plains are directly generated on gpu (not cpu), but there is an option --debug-mode (use --debug-mode 3 or --debug-mode 4) which is able to show all rules and plains of *matching* passwords (and not every plain that will be generated).
Try this one:

hashcat-cli64.exe -r best64.rule --stdout myword.txt > myword-mangled.txt

You can also use sort.exe to have unique plains:

hashcat-cli64.exe -r best64.rule --stdout myword.txt | sort.exe -u > myword-mangled.txt
Working fine. Thank you Milzo, philsmd and kolme.