PrinceProcessor now open source
I am having trouble using the different possible filter of princeprocessor. the only information I found was about --pw min= 9 for example. is there any other document that explains what the possible filters are and how to use them from a command line? 
I am trying to select portion of the rockyou.txt according to criteria of length and topologies.
Thank you.
(01-13-2015, 08:19 PM)passlab Wrote: Great job, Atom!
I think expediently to add in princeprocessor restriction on max count of chains in the password as param.
For example 4-5 for common password (like this : preffix1-preffix2-word-suffix1-suffix2, preffix-word1-delimiter-word2-suffix)
and 6-7 for extreme password.
May be less RAM will need for calc distribution.
Has anyone made their own custom version yet?

A version with OUT_LEN_MAX and ELEM_CNT_MAX increased?
I have changed ELEM_CNT_MAX, but have not tried changing OUT_LEN_MAX.