Low speed on GTX 970 v1.32 with WPA2
Hello hashcat forums!

Having a bit of trouble here. My speed on cudahashcat64 is about 150kH/s on a single GTX 970 for WPA2. Now, I am unsure of what the standard speed is for WPA2 cracking, so that might be what it's supposed to be. But incase it isn't:

Reading other people's problems, I have tried using:
  • Dictionary attack
  • Mask-based attack (?u?l?l?l?l?l?l?l?l?d)
  • Mixture of both
But all of these have the same speed. The dictionary is on an SSD, and there's still the issue on mask attacks so the access speed is not the problem.

Any help would help! Thanks!
I'm no expert, but I do know wpa/wpa2 is very slow.

Your numbers are in line with my GTX 970 benchmarks.
150 KH/s is a great speed for WPA2 on the GTX 970. WPA is just a really slow algorithm.
Theoretical speed would be 149 889 h/sec. So you are good.
source : http://golubev.com/gpuest.htm
Ok, my bad! Thanks for the responses!