Third-party utility: analyze_hc_restore
analyze_hc_restore is a perl script I have developed that can be very handy to help analyze and mofify oclHashcat .restore files ( ).

The github repository can be found here:

With this tool it is for instance possible to add some specific options/switches to the command line string ("argv") stored in the .restore file (for instance add -w 3 if you have forget it at first run) and hence change some switches/parameters which oclHashcat will be recognize when restarting with:
oclHashcat --restore

To display all options available, use: --help

Let me know if you find this tool useful.
Any suggestion, comments, pull request and issue reports are of course very appreciated.
I find this tool quite useful for long runs or if I'm up to no good and want to do some shenanigans to the restore file.
Is this going to be updated for the recent hashcat v3 series?
That would be nice, isn't it working anymore?