****.restore file disappear
I had a session save under *****.restore( not all.restore) in folder oclhascat64.exe v1.32

and i play around with oclhascat32 and came back to oclhascat64, and and play back and fort with different version
of oclhascat v1.33 , v1,31 and v 1.32 and my *****.restore is gone

Can i make another file *****.restore that will work?

I did try putting in a new file ****.restore copy and past from all.restore and my session command in the file,
all close together(the command)
it say it can't read

ERROR: cannot read *****.restore


I put this in the new restore file *****.restore this:
„   E:\HashcatGUI_044\oclHashcat-1.32                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    H† oclHashcat64.exe-a3-m2500--session=*****--restore--status--status-timer=60-o
in the same directory of oclhascat64 is version 1.32

i check the *****.log file and it's still in the same directory

any ideas?

I guess i'm screwed :-(

Got to restart at the beginning...