oclcat64 stuck on "Generating Bitmap Tables"
Hey guys I got a big problem.

Today I made a fresh clean Windows 7 Installation on my Main PC. After that I installed AMD Catalyst 14.9 (yeah exactly). Then I wanted to try out hashcat but it failed. It freezed and stucked at "Generating Bitmap Tables".
I also googled because of this error and I saw that some people had the same Error. I tried already to uninstall and delete opencl.dll file and then reinstall 14.9 but still that error.
My Graphic Card is : R9 295X2 and I tried it with oclhashcat-1.32 and 1.33

Any other chanche to fix it?

BTW: It worked fine on Windows 8.1 before that
Still have this Problem. Any guesses on that?
Unfortunately, in such cases the only solution is to try again to reinstall driver and unzip the newest oclHashcat version in a new directory.

For windows:
1. uninstall current driver (Control Center -> Software -> Catalyst Control Center - and maybe other AMD related software too)
2. reboot
3. download driver fusion (the free version is enough)
4. start driver fusion (select "Display" as Driver Family, then "AMD", select "delete", if there is a warning that you need to upgrade to premium, just ignore it, everything worked fine)
6. search for libOpenCL.dll/OpenCL.dll files on your system (windows search should work too to find them) and manually delete then
7. make sure that no AMD APP SKD (only needed for opencl developers) is installed
8. reboot
9. download the catalyst version recommended on https://hashcat.net/oclhashcat/ (directly from amd.com, make sure you use the correct architecture 64 bit version for 64 bit systems, 32 bit version for 32bit windows)
10. install the catalyst version that you just downloaded
11. reboot
12. download a fresh copy of the newest oclHashcat version from https://hashcat.net/oclhashcat/
13. extract it with 7z to a *new* directory (make sure that there are folders within the extracted file structure, for instance for AMD a /kernel/4098 folder)
14. open cmd, enter the directory and try for instance some as easy as "oclHashcat64 --benchmark"

(sometimes a good test is also to just try "clinfo" in cmd, yes clinfo works for windows too, if that also crashes it is definitely not oclHashcat's fault, but a strange driver problem or corrupted/conflicted driver libs)

Good luck

btw. we know of many users that experience crashes with the wrong driver or older oclHashcat version (+ newer driver) at exactly that position, i.e. *after* "Generating Bitmap Tables". Afaik, all of them fixed it with (re)installing - like described above - the correct driver + (clean) oclHashcat version. The problem here is, that oclHashcat in some situations can't easily catch this exceptions/errors (and show a error/warnign) by checking the driver version (because when it tries to do so, it already "crashes" because of wrong lib versions).