HD Radeon 5870 broken driver

I reactivated my both GPU's.

MSI R5870 Lightning
Sapphire Radeon 5870

both with the latest Drivers - Catalyst 14.12 and put in Crossfire mode.

When I start up Hashcat I get the first weird thing showing:

Device #1: Cypress, 1024MB, 900Mhz, 20MCU
Device #2: Cypress, 1024MB, 900Mhz, 20MCU

The MSI one has 900Mhz which is correct, but the other one isn't an overclocked one so it should have 850Mhz. Weird but OK.

But my real problem is the following a few lines below.

ATTENTION! The installed GPU driver in your system is known to be broken!

It will pass over cracked hashes and does not report them as cracked

You can skip that message with the --force command, but I would like to know if there is a better way ( older drivers for example) to make it work properly.

An other strange problem I came across is that the actual working speed is enormous low. The normal hashing mode should be at least by 80.000 hashes per second per GPU but sometimes it shows 425 and 302 and something small like that. Does the wrong driver is problem of that error ? And Which drivers can you refer for that GPU (s) ?

Thanks in advance.
The front page says:

Quote:AMD users require Catalyst 14.9 exactly

And if you had searched the forums, you would have found:


You also should not have Crossfire enabled. Crossfire must be disabled to use oclHashcat. I won't even bother linking to the number of times this has been covered on the forums.

Search the forums before posting.