Rule new
Hello, help learn how to write rules for delirium. I want to write a rule that:
1) the presence of all characters : ?l
2) the presence of all characters : ?d
3) the presence of all the characters : ?u , but to the symbol of this range was iterating represented by only one in every word: loOser45 or friEnd6655 or saimOn
Specifies the length of the password is also arbitrary, from 1 to 9, for example.
Thanks in advance.
You don't want a rule, you want a mask matching a policy. Use PACK
I do not quite understand you. I need a mask or rule where I can find an algorithm masks:
?2? 1? 1? 1? 1? 1? 1? 1
where ?1 is ?d and ?l
where ?2 is ?u

where ?1 is ?d and ?l
where ?2 is ?u

and many more methods
There is rules that enable you to skip words from your wordlist based on certain criterias. See rejection section here:

Note that for oclHashcat those rules can only be used with -j and -k