7z support
The glorious day has come, ladies and gentlemen!
Oclhc now has 7z support.

I get around 2190 p/s for the default hash on the same old GTX Titan.
Igor Pavlov didn't make it easy to crack those hashes, no siree!

I'm interested in Maxwell's(9xx and titan x) performance on this hash mode.
For the gtx980:

Speed.GPU.#1...: 4484 H/s
GTX 970, stock clocks: 3635 H/s
GTX 970, overclocked: 4306 H/s

R9 290X stock clocks: 3981 H/s
R9 290X overclocked: 4311 H/s
(04-17-2015, 07:02 AM)epixoip Wrote: GTX 970, stock clocks: 3635 H/s
GTX 970, overclocked: 4306 H/s

How much mhz is yah oc ?
You can't set static clocks with Nvidia like you can with AMD. I set the clock offset to +250, which means it can boost up to 250 Mhz over the normal boot clock. But it doesn't run at that speed all the time, only when it feels like it Smile Under heavy load, it can run anywhere between 1266 Mhz and 1516 Mhz, depending on the type of load and current power consumption. For most algorithms, the clock will be between 1472 - 1502 MHz the majority of the time.

As an AMD user, a 250 Mhz overclock might seem like a lot. But keep in mind that Nvidia runs at much higher clocks than AMD, and Nvidia's architecture permits more overclocking headroom than AMD GPUs. In terms of aggressiveness, a 200 Mhz overclock on Nvidia is analogous to a 50 Mhz overclock on AMD. So a 250 Mhz overclock is only slightly aggressive, and most importantly, this is the configuration we are shipping Nvidia GPUs in.
Some limitations in current implementation:
  1. Currently, hc uses 7z2john (available from the mumbo jumbo fork of jtr), and sometimes (a lot of different file types in the archive) fails to load the hash, which turns out to be oh so long.
  2. Since the hash itself doesn't have any archived & encrypted data for verification, hc will not stop once a password has been found (it's a feature).
There's another limitation that only archieves with encrypted header can be cracked. If you do not use this switch (that is when you are still able to browse the content of the archieve without the password) such containers are not yet crackable