980GTX MSI vs Reference
No. It's exactly the other way round.

OEM cards are always designed for the gaming market. And since even the most endurable gamer is not able to sit 24/7 in front of his machine, these cards and coolers are not designed for that purpose.

GPU in reference design are made for all possible purposes, including GPU computing. The design does not care about noise, it cares about reliabilty.

Reference cards don't have a heat problem, they have a differnt design. They try to get the hot air out of the system. Most OEM cooler designs just trie to cool down the card and swirl air around, no matter where it comes from or where it goes. So on an open benchmark table of the so called tester it might show up lower temps. Put four OEM GPUs together in a case and they show you what a heat problem is.

Reference design cards can even run together with only minor heat-caused impacts in speed.