[SOLVED] Suggestion - cracking serial number
Hello folks,

I have been using Aircrack to crack a few WPA2 passwords from an internet provider where I live.

This provider sets the WPA2 security key for their modems before installing them in the customer's house. The key is set to be equal to the serial number of the device.

I cracked many of them successfully, but right now they have been using a modem that has the following serial format:

where the first two characters ('0M') are the same for every serial combination, and they are followed by 10 characters, that could be either an uppercase letter or a number.

The problem is that there are 36^10 possible combinations, and it is just not feasible to iterate through all of them.

My hope is to find out more about how the serial numbers are generated,and try to limit . The modem manufacturer is called 'Arris'. Is there a way where I can find a list of serial numbers for a specific device?
Does anyone have any experience with this?
Closing thread as issue has been dealt with, not thanks to this forum though.
Solved by using serial database.