"bug!!" in output / ocl v1.36
I have seen that bug output too with one of my wordlist. Could it be Windows specific?
It's not Windows-specific, and it's not AMD-specific. I've seen it on Nvidia + Linux. But it doesn't trigger all the time, and it seems to be difficult to reproduce.
@atom Thanks for trying.

Sadly so hard to reproduce Sad

Finally v1.32 also gives me "bug!!".
So, only the v1.31 _never_ gave me that bug.

- Maybe you could check what's changed between v1.31 and v1.32 ?
- Is there any debug option I can use to spot when/where the bug occurs ?
- In your code, which portion leads to output this string ? I can do whatever needed tests.

- The v1.31 simply did not have that debug print statement, so there's no sense in comparing changes between v1.31 and v1.32.
- There's no debug code that you can turn on. What we need is a case which 100% leads to this case so that we can reproduce it.
- This bug occurs with the highest propably by using -j or -k or if there's a rejected word(s) in the wordlist.