hashcat and oclHashcat have gone open source
Long live hashcat, thank you!
Thank you Atom, this is a great contribution. We're in your debt.
Thanks Atom,
I' m supprised your big decision!!!!
Good job
but yeah thanks to all past and future contributors
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Thank you very much!
Seems soon we will see *hashcat integrated somewhere, so problems like doing specific functions with wrappers will be gone. Thank you atom for good job you do as always.
Thank you very much for all the great work you and the other developers and beta testers do for this amazing project.
I am very excited about the bitsliced algorithms and hope to learn more about gpgpu computing by studying the olcHashcat sourcecode
Thank you! I've been waiting for this day, I'm excited to poke at what it takes to create custom kernels for things that I've wished I could do on GPU for some time!
I think its really cool that you saw open source as a way to improve the capabilities and that was a good motivation for it.