How do I know what the password is, after oclhashcat has found it?
this is my first time with oclHashcat. It is crunching wpa2 numbers right now in the background on Windows 10 HD7600M Catalyst 15.7 with a 13 GB dictionary. The command that I used to run oclHashcat was

oclHashcat64.exe -w 3 -m 2500 capture.hccap dict

As you can see, I didn't mention an output file anywhere. I am beginning to worry that all this crunching will be meaningless if I am not able to retrieve my lost password (with my puny GPU it estimates 2 more days....)
So is there a default output file? Will it show the passphrase on the screen? Should I stop a whole night's worth of work right now and fix my mistake?
Thank you in advance!
Thank you very much. For others who are asking themselves the same question: every important thing is written in the pot file. After this, you can --show the cracked passphrase. Correct me if I got this wrong.