File name in MD5
Thank you hashcat team and everyone in these forums for ease the way to cracking knowledge  Smile

I'm newbie to this kind of computer geekness. I have a filename that I'm assuming is encrypted by MD5 and possibly contains the time-stamp of the creating. If so, I would think it contains day, date and time. I tried to crack that hash but no wordlist or table have been successfully achieve what I'm looking for. I tried hashcat-cli64 with the following command:

hashcat-cli64 --hash-type=0 --attack-mode=0 outfile=c.txt --outfile-format=2 md5.txt worldlist.txt

I tried to use different wordlists and tables, different attack modes, hash types, added rules but nothing seem to work. Some attack modes would take two days and nothing I get in the end. Can you please help me in that situation?

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With hashing algorithms there is no guarantee to get the plaintext at all.
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A quick question, is there a better way to get the plain text other than the method i used?

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There are multiple ways.
Can you please name these ways for me so i can get a head start? What do you think is a good way in my situation and what do you perfer?
You know that the plaintext is comprised of a filename, and also possibly a date string. So why are you trying wordlist and table attacks? None of the stuff that ships with hashcat will generate candidates that match the input format you specified. You will probably need to write a custom word generator for this, and pipe it into hashcat via a named pipe.
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That excately what I needed. As I said, Im new to hashcat, and as I was reading through, this was the best solution. I only needed the date and time of the file creation.
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