Nvidia on ocl haschat OR ATI on cudahashcat
hello i introduce my self to your genius comunity and i want to ask myself a simple question...i have a rig with gtx970 currently installed ...i am currently mining cryptocurrencies(this weekTongue)so i would like to make a small investment in a new graphics card(r9 290)...but i am also using hashcat now and then so i said to check also with you guys if is anyway to run the computational power from both cards....in mining this thing is possyble using opencl ant not cuda version,but i think here is different for some reason????please any help would be greatly appreciate!!!
edit: (silly me.......the card that i want to add is ati r9 290)
You should really use an asic to mine cryptocurrencies. IMO cryptocurrencies are not worth it anymore. You end up spending more money in power than you are making in return.

As for gpu's and oclhashcat, you should use nvidia 970 or newer (use reference design cards, not a gaming gpu). ATI is not pci-e compliant and have been proven that under certain circumstances that they draw more power than the pci slot can handle and they burn up motherboards. You will get a lot more out of NVIDIA due to them having a phenominal performance to watt ratio. It would be better if you got another gtx 970. Stay away from ATI.

By the way your topic heading... cudahashcat is for nvidia, oclhashcat is for ATI.