Integrated AMD GPU with oclHashcat
Sorry if this sounds like a stupid question but just bare with it as i have a different idea in mind.

from what i've understand from the wiki is that there are three versions of hashcat
1- hashcat for Intel/AMD CPUs
2- cudaHashcat for NVidia GPUs
3- oclHashcat for AMD GPUs

so cuda/oclHashcat works only with GPUs, now correct me if i'm wrong that oclHaschat works also with AMD integrated GPU (APU)? right? i mean i'm not talking here about performance and speed, just if i got the information correctly?

thanks in advanced.
If I remember correctly the latest version of oclHashcat 3.00 (which is till in beta) can use both GPU and CPU (AMD,Nvidia,Intel).
Also I haven't tested it, but from my point of view oclHashcat should work with an APU.
I thought that too as i've seen a thread that @epixoip replied that it works but still didn't find a reference neither in the wiki nor the form so are you a 100% sure? Appreciate.
Nah not 100% sure since I haven't tested it, but pretty close to 100%.
The lastest beta version (hashcat 3) has a single binary for all supported cpu/gpu devices.
AMD's APU and other accelerators like Intel PHI or FPGA should work as well
oclHashcat has always supported AMD APUs, they are not special in any way. But yes, Hashcat 3.00 supports any OpenCL device on any OpenCL platform.
#./hashcat64.exe -b -m 900 --opencl-device-types=1,2

hashcat (v3.00-beta-72-g964a901) starting in benchmark-mode...

Device #1: Loveland, 224/896 MB allocatable, 487Mhz, 2MCU
Device #2: AMD E-300 APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics, 3682/3682 MB allocatable, 1298Mhz, 2MCU

Hashtype: MD4

Speed.Dev.#1.: 247.2 MH/s (96.27ms)
Speed.Dev.#2.: 21618.0 kH/s (118.04ms)
Speed.Dev.#*.: 268.8 MH/s