Hello, who have version hashcat-3.00-beta-66.7z. You can link please.
did u checked for the latest ?
(06-25-2016, 12:20 AM)kiara Wrote: did u checked for the latest ?

Yes, but I need a version of it hashcat-3.00-beta-66, in the last hashcat-3.00-rc3.7z I have a problem with the fan speed, in version hashcat-3.00-beta-66.7z this problem has not been

im not sure what i am seeing, i dont know russing,
but i am guessing the fourth from the top with the 82% is the farn speed? and hashcat is showing 100%? that ur issue?

try to download "afterburner" or another program and see if the speed is the same.
from what u showed in the pic the temps aint going higher than 70c which is great so why do u care if the fan is not on 100%.. u gain lifespan of the fan..
it doesnt seems that ur card is throttling..
and if u want u can set manual the fan speed with afterburner .

another thing. check if in the bios or ur monitor program there is no other configuration
it's a new feature, retain temp is set to 65c. whenever your gpu reaches > 65c, hashcat will increase the fanspeed. otherwise the gpu driver / gpu firmware will clock down your gpu. this is a step to show users how the drivers give you a false assumption of a good cooled system, even if you don't have it. if you want to get rid of it, just use --gpu-temp-retain 0