WinZip in version 3.0
Thank you for the WinZip support in the latest version. Does that include legacy (ZipCrypto) encryption as well?

If so, I must not have it setup correctly. The output of every Zip2John program I have tried does not match the sample hash.
yeah, currently only the newer winzip format is supported (the more difficult one to crack).
At the risk of bringing up a sore subject, any plans to add the legacy format now that the more difficult one is in place? I know it has been asked about on these forums and the old trac before.
How can I extract the hash from an encrypted WinZip archive?
You need to use "zip2john"
(07-04-2016, 12:47 PM)atom Wrote: You need to use "zip2john"

Is there a community approved python script or .exe of zip2john that we should be using? All the ones I have tried produce output that does not match the example hash from the wiki.

I checked Magnum's github but did not see zip2john?
That's the correct one, but make sure not all zip versions are supported. Maybe you run into a zip version that is not supported.
Is there any way for extracting the hash of a Winzip file? I have been researching for hours and I haven't found a single thing that helps! Is it really so hard? I am on a Windows system and have no idea on how to install the sources containing the zip2john. In Ubuntu Linux I have some idea on how to compile C programs by gcc but in Windows I don't know a thing! Why is there such a lack of documentation?
We're too lazy to write documentation
Any change in the plans to implement the older PKZIP algorithm too?  Or still a "bucket of nope"? Smile