hashcat on parallella?
Did anyone try to run hashcat on parallella bords?
Parallella have 16 Epiphany RISC cores.
There is 2 Arm 9 + FPGA core.

There is version with 64 cores too.
There is Pine64 too that is cheaper 15$ and 2V that nice.

more information can be found on hxxps://***.parallella.org/board/

Is there any changes that need to be done so hashcat can work on parallella?
Does it have an OpenCL runtime?
It looks like it has OpenCL support using the COPRTHR-1 [1] library
There's also a quick start guide [2] with functions and data types listed which are supported.

@escugs: you shouldn't wait for the 64 core Parallella because all of them are sold out and there won't be any new ones in the near future.

[1] http://www.browndeertechnology.com/coprthr_download.htm
[2] http://www.browndeertechnology.com/docs/...e-rev2.pdf
This sounds bad, will there be a successor?
As far as I know they only produced prototypes of the 64 core chip.
The founder of Adapteva mentioned in the AmpHour podcast (episode 254) that a production run would cost 3 million dollars.
Their latest project is a Software Defined Radio board and I read somewhere in the forum that the 64 core Epiphany isn't a priority.
It's an interesting platform. Gou get an ARM A9 (dual core), a FPGA plus the 16 core Epiphany for 99$ and it draws only 5W.
However I don't think that 7 of these boards will outperform a GTX 1080 which would cost the same.
Thanks for the information.
I am sad to hear that 64 core is not making any more.

Then is the box type build.