Need Help - Get an Error
I got this error after running oclhashcat with these command:
oclHashcat.exe example.hash -m 0 -1 ?l?d?u ?1?1?1?1 ?1?1?1?1

[Image: 2qlbzmb.jpg]

I have Windows7 64bit, and a Nvidia GForce 9500!
Whats wrong?

Me too: exactly same error, under XP Pro 32 bit and nvidia GTS250.
Have latest nvidia drivers.
never saw this before. can you please check if v0.19 is working or not?
UPDATE: i was able reproduce this on my 8700mgt after upgrading to the latest nv drivers. this is related to drivers.
Then I´ll try it with 0.19(it is working for me) or wait until the problem is fixed!
Thanks for your help atom!
these new nvidia drivers really made me some trouble, but i have a workaround ready. so that means i am forced to release a new version just to fix this problem. expect it in the next days.
Thanks man!
EGB 1.6.2 was just released!
fixed in v0.21, download here: