Is dictionary file masking being removed?
Every so often I try one of the betas out of curiosity, but have noticed that for a long time dictionary file masking no longer works. (This is in Windows 7.)

For as long as I've used the hashcats, when I have a directory of word lists by length, such as:
. . .
. . .
I've been able to specify a mask like *.txt to get them.

But now, no matter how many variations of syntax I try, hashcat v3.10 beta xxx stops with error messages like this:

E RROR: base\bylength\*.txt: No such file or directory

But putting the rejected mask into the DOS command "dir" always finds the files.

I'm not a part of the beta discussions, but is the ability to specify dictionary files masks being deliberately removed, or is this just a long-standing bug that was introduced but not yet fixed?
No it should work. Probably related to refactoring, please open a github issue otherwise it's forgotten.