Which 1080, or Titan X?
Interesting, so the PNY's seem to be throttling for some unknown reason whereas the ZOTAC's arent'?
BTW, and I must apologize here for my ignorance around the latest and greatest naming schemes, but there are now Titan X Pascal cards as well which I believe are different than the older "Titan X" cards. Are the Titan X Pascal cards still slower or at least significantly disadvantaged from a price/performance standpoint as compared to the 1080's?
yes it is disadvantaged from a price/performance,
but if u got no money problems (like we all do), buy them since they are the best cards on the market right now,

here the benchmark of a titan x pascal

Any updates to this rig build?
jodler303, any update on that throttling you mentioned?
(10-20-2016, 12:55 AM)pragmatic Wrote: jodler303, any update on that throttling you mentioned?

haven't done further investigation as i didn't feel reassembling my rig once again. just so much info: with bcrypt there is no throttling on any card.