Seeking help with slow hashing speeds
Hello all,
I'm currently learning about penetration testing and playing around with hashcat.  I'm getting pretty abysmal speeds though and can't figure out why.

I'm basically testing a WPA handshake that I captured from my lab wifi router box.  I downloaded hashcat 3.10 and I'm currently trying to use the rockyou dictionary file.  I read that using rules would enable it to run faster but that doesn't seem to be the case for me.

I have a GTX 970 video card, and using the best64 rule or the d3ad0ne rules both only give me ~170 kH/s.  Yet, I can benchmark at over 10.5 MH/s

This is the command I'm running:

hashcat32.exe -m 2500 -r ./rules/base64.rule ./handshake.hccap ./rockyou.txt

It tells me this is going to take almost 2 hours estimated.  And the d3ad0ne rule is even worse, it estimates 31 days (but gets the save average speed.

Am I doing something wrong here?  Is there something I can do to bump the speed up a bit?  I understand from reading that dictionary attacks aren't best suited for GPU hashing, but surely I should be able to get better than a paltry 170 kH/s??

The 170 kH/s sounds about right for WPA with a GTX970. Not sure where you got the 10.5 MH/s from, but not from WPA. To test it, run: hashcat32.exe -b -m 2500

And of course it takes longer if you use a rule. It multiplies the keyspace with the number of rules in the rulefile.