Two different GPUs
I have GTX980,
and I want to buy a GTX1080 and install it in my desktop-computer.
Do this cards work together for hashcat?
Does it occur any problem?
Please answer.
Sorry for my bad English : (
as far as i know yes, u can use multiple cards
(12-12-2016, 02:52 PM)kiara Wrote: as far as i know yes, u can use multiple cards
Thanks for reply.
Are you sure?
I know that I can use multiple cards,
but I'm not sure about "different" multiple cards!
One is Maxwell(gtx980) & the other one is Pascal (gtx1080)!
I asked the GPU seller & He told me "You cannot use different cards!"...

Also, he doesn't know that I need this cards for password cracking! :l
You absolutely can use different cards together and even include the CPU too (only bother using CPU if the hashrate is worthwhile though). Just don't use SLI.
u can use 2 differents card, maybe he thought u was about to use them to play games (mby SLI) , but its not needed for hash cracking
Thanks Smile
Got both 980 and 1080, it works just fine.