AMD Radeon HD 7990, new AMDPRO driver and new hashcat
Hi everyone,

I'm trying to update my old cracking station system, but I'm incurring in some problems with the new drivers.

Can anyone confirm me that new AMDPRO driver are NOT compatible with my HD 7990? Anyone get it working on that hardware?

There is others way or I have to use an Ubuntu 14.04 with older drivers? In this case the new hashcat version will support it?

Thank you in advance.

Try catalyst < 15.12 version.
You'll will need to use the the 15.12 drivers for your 7990 with ubuntu 14.04 although hashcat 3.30 clearly states that ubuntu 16.04 and amdpro drivers are required.
I get it working on ubuntu 14.04.04 with driver 15.12. I tryed to install ubuntu 16.04 but I wasn't able to get the driver working (