type example.dict
I am newbie.

Explain please the difference, between the ways of dictionary brutforce:

hashcat64.exe -m 400 example400.hash example.dict

and this:
type example.dict | hashcat64.exe -m 400 example400.hash

In the second example, the program runs in conjunction with MS-DOS command: "Type"

I can not understand the difference. In the attached pictures there is a slight difference, but still, please explain.

Thank you very much

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So, you're not asking about attack modes or hash rates or anything other than "why are two different things different?" :/

The main difference I can see it that piping from type is redundant in your example.
There's two different ways to explain that there's two different ways to run hashcat. The only with the type command is a piped use-case. So whenever you have a program or generator that can produce the password candidates, hashcat supports that.
Rico - Sorry, but I really wondered what it was for. On other issues, I'm helped by a good FAQ on the site. )))

Friends, thank you very much for the information!
Sorry for my English!
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P.S. Also thank you very much for the fastest software for hash passwords recovery.
hashcat64.exe -m 400 example400.hash example.dict

hashcat opens the dictionary, scans it and produces the stats you see.

type example.dict | hashcat64.exe -m 400 example400.hash

type opens the dictionary and feeds the contents to hashcat. hashcat doesn't know what's coming - it's being fed from stdin.
Thank you very much!