Adding second GPU slowing hashcat
I have an R9 270 which I've been running overclocked just fine for about 2 weeks.  It's pulling down around 92k h/s for WPA2.  I have a bunch of old video cards laying around and thought I'd throw one in just to give hashcat a small bump in performance.

So I installed an AMD Radeon 6450.

When running hashcat it does in fact show I have two GPU's but they both show as the R9 270.

Interestingly enough adding the second card actually slows things down, significantly.

Speed.Dev.#1.....:    34019 H/s (62.05ms)
Speed.Dev.#3.....:    37324 H/s (61.80ms)
Speed.Dev.#*.....:    71448 H/s

Is this expected behavior?  Why is this occurring?  Is there possibly a step I've missed that is making both cards run at the slower cards speed?

When checking temp's my R9 270 is running at the same temp range as it would if I were running hashcat on just that one GPU.