Use rules only on selected dictionaries
Here is the following scenario: There are multiple dictionaries (straight mode), but I want to apply rules.rule only to the last one (numbers.txt), therefore I save a lot of time and computing power.
D:\numbers.txt <= Can rules.rule apply only to that dictionary?
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Run hashcat twice.
Here's an idea, probably not the best.

Take Numbers.txt and perform --stdout using Rules.rule
Then use the new outputted dictionary instead of "Numbers.txt"

Here's how I personally perform the command,
Hashcat64.exe --stdout c:/Hashcat/wordlist.txt -r huge.rule > newdic.txt

For you it'd look something like this (I could be wrong).
Hashcat64.exe --stdout D:\numbers.txt -r Rules.rule > filenamehere.txt
hashcat ............ && hashcat ........
That's what I was thinking, but if there is a nicer solution - that would be awesome.
What's wrong with that solutions, it's pretty good use of hashcat. You can improve it by using | instead of > to not write the data to disc but to pipe it to the 2nd process.