String analysis of founds
I am sure this work has been done over and over again but im new to cracking and did alot of research here lately which has some of the stuff i have worked on uploaded to git hub

I began trying to find "dead keyspace". Portions of a keyspace to skip in a bruteforce in order to work as efficiently as possible. 
In doing so i became distracted by "live kespace" and creating strong wordlist per project in hopes to find the last percentages of left lists. 

I am posting to have some people to chat theory with as i learn.
So i wanted to elaborate on what this is doing a little in hopes of drumming up some conversation.
Scenario: 90% through a list of hashes. (92.3% to be exact).  Struggling to find the rest.  I ran my script against rockyou and used a trple combinator on the 2charfounds top 10 percent.  I am currently using that list in a hybrid attack adding ?a?a to the right side.  Will i find any of the remaining passes at 8 char long that are obscure?  Only time will tell. 11 hours remaining.

The script saves and ranks:
All mixalpha strings / also breaks ranking down by length
All digit strings
All 2 character strings up to 10 character strings

It saves the top 10, 25,33, and 50 percent into thebaies folder for use in cracking.

I have used this in several ways
combo attacks:
4char + 4char
4char + 5char
2char triple combo + hybrid brute

What do you guys think?