* Device #1: This device's local mem size is too small.
Hey.I have a problem with launching hashcat on my bit ancient laptop, but I need it only to simple tasks like a cracking tiny md5-pix.

hashcat --opencl-info
hashcat (v3.5.0) starting...

* Device #1: This device's local mem size is too small.

No devices found/left.

My pc:
RAM : 4098mb
System; 4.10.13-1-ARCH 
CPU Model name: Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU       T4200  @ 2.00GHz
GPU: GeForce 8200M 256mb / Driver Version: 340.102
Per: https://github.com/hashcat/hashcat/blob/...c/opencl.c

if (device_local_mem_size < 32768)
       event_log_error (hashcat_ctx, "* Device #%u: This device's local mem size is too small.", device_id + 1);

       device_param->skipped = true;

This thread may be informative:

Thx for reply.But am I basically supposed to understand or analyze 5.3k lines of code or what?
Lets say I will focus just on these lines:
     // device_local_mem_size

     cl_ulong device_local_mem_size;

     CL_rc = hc_clGetDeviceInfo (hashcat_ctx, device_param->device, CL_DEVICE_LOCAL_MEM_SIZE, sizeof (device_local_mem_size), &device_local_mem_size, NULL);

     if (CL_rc == -1) return -1;

     if (device_local_mem_size < 32768)
       event_log_error (hashcat_ctx, "* Device #%u: This device's local mem size is too small.", device_id + 1);

       device_param->skipped = true;

And I still have completely no idea what is the cause of this.
My gpu can be too old, ok... So it should just use cpu but its like it doesnt detect any?

I dont know, maybe im missing some opencl lib in my sys? :
#pacman -Ss opencl | grep installed
extra/libclc 0.2.0+344+17648cd-1 [installed]
extra/ocl-icd 2.2.11-1 [installed]
extra/opencl-nvidia-340xx 340.102-8 [installed]
community/luxmark 3.1-4 [installed]
multilib/lib32-opencl-nvidia-340xx 340.102-3 [installed]
I included the relevant portion of code. I just included the link the code for reference.

Please read the thread that I also referenced.
Okay, so this thread tells me that my cpu isnt compatible with latest opencl, if I got this correct.

Sort of a (obvious) solution that comes to my mind would be using an older opencl libs, but the hard part is that Im on arch and it's just bleeding edge by definition, crap.

The-Distribution-Which-Does-Not-Handle-OpenCL-Well (Kali) or parrot os would have probably same version and some problematic dependencies to deal with...
So what's my best option here? Trying to use something old like debian-stable for this task?
your hardware is too old to run hashcat.
Fair enough.
Asides its weird, im sure I have used it on that pc few years ago.

hashcat supports hardware that is supported by current drivers from the manufacturer. Once the manufacturer drops support for that hardware from the driver, hashcat support also ends.