Keepass file Line-length exception.
Hello. I forgot part of my keepass' password and trying to recover it. Forgotten part happened to be just 3 digits hence it shoudn't be hard to crack it. But I cant load *.kdbx file in hashcat and everything comes down to Line-length exceptions and not so happy "Hash 'x.kdbx': Line-length exception No hashes loaded" at the end. What I'm doing wrong here?
You cannot directly load the keepass file itself - you need to extract the hash to provide to hashcat. 

John the Ripper's keepass2john or harmj0y's Python port of keepass2john should work.

The result should look like the Keepass examples in the hashcat wiki list of example hashes.
Wow, now it does someting. Well, only something. It skips my cpu and then gives me error:
:6:10: fatal error: '' file not found
#include """

Anyway, I installed Intel's OpenCL and nothing changed, although from the very start it gives mi only two candidates and stops. I used "hashcat64.exe -m 13400 hash -a 3 -1 d? password?1?1?1password" command, maybe there is something wrong?
If you're just using CPU, maybe try -D 1 ?

More info here:
Well, I managed to make it work, but it keeps giving me gibberish.
Could you be more specific? Smile
It just can't crack it Tongue
To cross-check your methodology, consider creating a new KeePass volume with the same specifications and a known password, then try to crack that. Smile
'Unfortunately' it works with new keepass databases. It seems that digits weren't only ones that I got wrong, but at this point I'm confused af with this password. At least I can recover most passwords with my email, but it's a lot of work. On the other hand, I made hashcat work, so it's something! Well then, I should consider choosing passwords which I am actually able to remember Tongue

Still, thanks for your help!