WPA2 cracking way too slow
Hello everyone,
I bought a new Laptop and now I'm trying to get hashcat running properly.
I have 2 partitions, for Windows 10 and Ubuntu 16.04.
I have installed the most recent NVIDIA driver on both operating systems but my computing speed is way to slow.
In the first test I had 65000H/s with my GTX960m.
That seems legit to me. But after I did a restart I'm sometimes getting 15000H/s.
Another time I tested I got 62000 again.
On Ubuntu I only had 15000ish.
The installed NVIDIA driver is 375.66.
After I benchmarked the 15k, I additionally tested computing with my processor. (Intel Core i7 6700hq)
The result was 380H/s which is ridiculous. Integrated Intel HD530 made it up to 1500H/s which should be also way higher right?
Any idea what Problem I got here?

Alright, I found it out by myself.
The Problem is the docking station.
When connected to it, it drops to ~15kH/s.
Otherwise it works fine at ~65kH/s.
You really should not be using a laptop for compute intensive work. They are not designed to deal with the excess heat that is generated.