hashcat mask file with specific letters at each placeholder
Hi everyone,
I want to crack a password, where each placeholder could be one of a few specific chars. For example:
The cracked password has got a length of 5: 2A$Nm
the mask should look something like this:

the problem is, that hashcat can only handle 4 different custom charsets, but I need a new charset for every placeholder. How can I do this?
You could always create part of it into a dictionary using maskprocessor https://hashcat.net/wiki/doku.php?id=maskprocessor
e.g.: mp64.exe -1 1234 -2 ABC -3 "$%&(" -4 NOP ?1?2?3?4 -o left.dict
then run that through a left hybrid attack, which is attack mode 6.
e.g.: hashcat64.exe -w3 -m 3200 bcrypt.hash -1 mno -a 6 c:\hashcat360\left.dict ?1

I used a random bcrypt hash, but you would replace it with the hash file you have and the correct hash mode ###.

Or you could create a dict with the right portion of it and use a custom mask for the left using a right hybrid attack.
Or you could create two dicts with maskprocessor and then combine them with the combinator hashcat-util, then run a normal dict attack.

There is probably a more efficient ways of doing this, but this is how I would go about it.