Outputting in email:password format is very slow!
I have a file with millions of hashes (in email:hash format) and I cracked lot of them with this way.
The problem starts when i try to get the formatted output (email:password) from Hashcat.
I used this code:
PHP Code:
hashcat64.exe -m 0 --username --potfile-path x.potfile --show -o out.txt --outfile-format 2 hashs.txt 
There is no errors and warnings , but it is very slow!
I'm waiting about 3 hours but still nothing!
it's using just few percent of CPU, and a lot of RAM!
how to make it faster?
We know, using --username is kind of slow due to memory allocation etc. You can't make it faster.
Thanks for reply.
Can you fix it in next update?