Hash-encoding exception problems with colon in username

i used the forum search but didnt find any solution to this particular problem, but i dont think i'm the first one with this problem, so maybe someone can help

as mentioned in the thread subject, i have a list

when using this list i get multiple Hash-encoding exceptions because in some usernames the users used the : as character, example lines look like this


is there any workaround or has someone an idea how to deal with lines like that?

edit: had to use the codetag because of : s  = Confused
There are no easy solution for this. One approach is to count the number of colon per line and exclude the lines with more than the expected number of colons. Depending on your level of competency, you can save the excluded lines and process them manually. A better approach in your stated case is to correctly identify where the hash part is. Once you know where the hash start and end in the line and after excluding the colon used as a delimiter, everything before would be part of the username and everything after is part of the salt (which can contain colons as well). I will stop there because nothing that I describe is relevant to Hashcat and this is an Hashcat support forum.
You can also try to change the separator itself in your hashlist and then use -p option in hashcat to inform hashcat about the new separator. Make sure it's a ASCII character.