1080 TI FE not buyable, 1070 TI FE on the rise
Hi hashkittens,

I was trying to build my own cracking rig, but I noticed that it's not easy to get the right GPUs.
Yes, I live behind the moon and so I did not notice all these cries about out of stock GPUs.
Can somebody tell me what the actual situation is right now?

Are there GTX 1080TI Founders editions coming back to stock or are they really out of stock for good?
Will there be any successor in the near future?
Should one wait for a successor or just buy GTX 1070 TI FE in the mean time?
Would it be better to buy a non-FE GTX 1080 TI or a GTX 1070 TI FE?
Would it be better to buy a non-FE and non-TI 1080 or a GTX 1070 TI FE?

So to sum up...in what order can the "attributes" of the card be placed regarding priority to build a hash cracker?
1080 vs 1070?
FE vs non-FE?
TI vs non-TI?

Don't buy non-FE cards. In the US, I found a few places that have 1080Ti FE cards. Superbiiz has the EVGA 1080Ti FE for $789US for one currently.
If you can't find a 1080Ti FE, you could go with a 1080FE or 1070Ti FE.
There are benchmarks for the cards floating around so you can compare the cards and see which would be the best bang for your buck.
The successor of the GTX 10xx-series is expected to arrive in Q2/2018. The TI usually arrives much later. At what date for what price and with what performance is almost unknown for now.

The GTX 1070Ti should be only a fraction slower than the GTX1080 and has a very good price/performance ratio.
Thanks guys for the awesome infos / suggestions!
So what I hear is that there will be no 1080 TI FE again...they are gone for good as it seems.

Since tacohashcat says FE is a must-have, I will probably buy the 1070 TI FE.
Problem is: I have found a few reviews / tests, but I can't buy this thing anywhere. Does anyone knows when the 1070 TI FE is going to be released over here in europe? Are you able to buy the card already in the US? I see 1070 TI, but not 1070 TI FE Sad

Thx for the help!!
I had bad exepriences with 1080 FE (overheat). I guess it's worse with Ti. I hope you have a good cooling.
I will start only with 2 cards, so there should be a little space between them. Additionally cooling will be focus when building this rig, yes! Thanks for the warning! If anyone has specific recommendations regarding cooling I am open for it! Smile
(12-07-2017, 09:07 AM)Mem5 Wrote: I had bad exepriences with 1080 FE (overheat). I guess it's worse with Ti. I hope you have a good cooling.
Strange. We have several systems with 2, 3, and up to 4 1080FE stacked next to each other with no overheating issues. Have you messed with fan speeds? Did you remove the back half of the cards to improve airflow to the fans? The backplate is in two sections. Only the section that sits next to the fan on the other card needs removing.
Just wait for Volta. It should be coming in the first half of 2018. 1070Ti is maybe a couple percent slower than the 1080. Overclock and it's a 1080. As taco said, removing the backplates should help with heat dissipation. Just make sure you have lots of cool airflow over the cards and you should be fine. Set a custom fan curve, Afterburner with Windows and if you're on Linux you can try a fan curve like this: https://github.com/FedoraTipper/Nvidia-F...eScript.sh
You're doing something terribly, terribly wrong if you're having trouble cooling FE GPUs.
Thanks guys! The problem is that I will have to buy the parts until early january...so I can't really wait for new cards. I need them really soon. Is there any way I can find out when 1070 TI FE will be launched in europe? Is it really better to buy an 1070 FE instead of an 1070 TI FTW2 or 1070 TI SC2?