Line-length exception....
(01-16-2018, 09:50 PM)onis_uk Wrote: still says no hashes loaded tho?

i think it's need atom to look at this thread
and check link that i posted above
No. No. No.

I do not agree that the problem of cqdx has anything to do with what was original reported by the original reporter (OP). I do not agree that we should steal threads like this. I do not agree that we should mix different problems like this. etc.

Actually, thread stealing is one of the few rules that will most of the time lead to a ban. (see

I do not think that the character encoding problem (or file path problem?) with the error reported as:
4 times a "Line-length exception" (as if the file contained 4 different lines)... has anything to do with parity/musicoin (which are not even officially supported by hashcat, but maybe they work nevertheless, I didn't test this) and the very different error message "Salt-length exception".

I'm not sure why somebody would try to mix those very different problems up like this (comparing apples to oranges) and claim that the problem is the same. But my feelings say that this doesn't seem to be a good idea. Different problems are and always will be different problems (no matter how much we try to say this is the same problem because also my hash is not loaded and I get a "No hashes loaded" error).
lol ok! Well I think they were just genuinely trying to help me out... a la every other forum I've ever encountered in the past 20 years.....
So you're saying that people can't post to my question unless they have the exact correct answer without risking being banned?! That's just pure crazy....check ya'self before you wreck ya'self bro...

p.s your answer didnt help my issue one bit either so maybe you should moderate yourself next time!
hashcat returns a completely different error, that is definitely a different problem. Have you tried saving as UTF8 (no BOM)?
yes, so am I correct in that the hash is only to be on 1 line in the .txt file? or does it need to look like it does in the example hashes? Because thats how i originally formatted it and hence the 4 lines....
So any updates on this thread?!
(01-20-2018, 02:44 PM)onis_uk Wrote: So any updates on this thread?!

i m waiting too
Hashes generally have to be in one single line. Your browser probably adds line breaks on the example hash page for easier readability.
Someone said above, "the file john2 outputs....?" I just got the hash out into my CMD and i just copied it from there? Is that correct or should it be output somewhere?
OK, with the has on 1 line its changes the error to this

* Device #2: Not a native Intel OpenCL runtime. Expect massive speed loss.
You can use --force to override, but do not report related errors.
OpenCL Platform #1: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
* Device #1: Ellesmere, 3840/4096 MB allocatable, 32MCU
* Device #2: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU 920 @ 2.67GHz, skipped.

Hashfile '.\hashes\music.txt' on line 1 ($ethereum$s*262144*8*1*dd92abd9076f04xxxxxxxxxx35fe34df97e83f32c52050ff90c4eb812450315b*796
e00643b8f766dxxxxxxxxxxf930a19d38d54cc640777beafe7791f72f5d*1e7743708707ea8bab59e4bdfeb28769655a376901c6499xxxxxxxxxxe6bd631): Salt-
length exception
No hashes loaded.

Started: Sun Jan 21 08:34:23 2018
Stopped: Sun Jan 21 08:34:24 2018