Running Hashcat on SBC
I am a regular raspberry pi user. I understand that Hashcat doesn't have the compatability to run on it yet. However, i've recently learned about a  new Single board computer called the Asus Tinker board, which is x86. Can Hashcat run on the Asus tinker board? Also are there any future plans for raspberry pi versions of hashcat? Thanks Smile
In theory, hashcat can run on the RasPi, you can compile it for ARM easily. Now, getting OpenCL might be harder, im not sure the state of OpenCL for the RasPi. As for the Asus Tinker Board, it not only compiles, but also runs on the onboard Mali GPU. I happen to know this from personal experience with that board.
Thank you very much. I did compile it for Rpi, and yeah it gave me a platform not found error even after apt-get installing open cl. Running clinfo only proves your theory. However, i'm surprised about the tinker board. I don't doubt it's capabilities, but the one problem with the tinker board is its poor software community. Anyway, Thanks. Also Quick Question: would you say Hashcat draws alot of power? There's a hardware issue where Asus didn't really care about the power delivery from the onboard micro Usb. It doesn't let enough power go through, and tasks like using the webbrowser can shut the board down.  While I'm waiting for my gpio based solution to arrive in the mail, do you think I can still run hashcat without any power consumption concerns? thanks Big Grin
It's my understanding that these issues were addressed in the recent revision, the Tinker Board S.
I have hashcat running on a Raspberry Pi. I have an OpenCL runtime for the VideoCore GPU but the issue I have is that there is not enough memory. I'm currently using the original Raspberry Pi Model B, which has 512MB RAM. The most memory I can allocate to the GPU is 128MB and it still isn't enough to run a benchmark in hashcat (obviously).

I don't know if it will work on a Pi 2 or Pi 3, but I used this to get OpenCL on the Pi:

I'm currently running Arch Linux on my Pi with the runtime installed. Here is some screenshots: