Karbo (karbovanec) wallet bruteforce
I fogot my passwor of Karbo coin wallet
I now what my version 0.2.2 of wallet use chacha algo for crypting wallet
Can I extract hash and try to brute thru my own password dictionares ?

Thank you!
Do you have source code for this wallet? I can look into it and see if the algorithm is supported by hashcat.
I thing this is source code
but i use very old version 0.2.2 because i was create wallet about 2 years ago and use last time 2 years ago
Looks like its Cryptonote derived so definitely not supported yet. Let me see what exactly was used for your version and see if it's something we should make an issue for supporting.
i download my wallet
but I open one my old wallet file in new wallet version 1.2 and use password for opening it - no problem with this
Ok, it's CryptoNote SlowHash -> ChaCha8.

This is slow hash: https://github.com/cryptonotefoundation/...low-hash.c

The ChaCha8 looks like its just a typical implementation. If i remember correctly, Slow hash is that freaky multi algorithm thing, though seemingly not as bad as CryptoNight(looking at you, Monero). This is 100% not implemented in hashcat and will probably be a good bit of work if it can be implemented. Not really sure how to go about attacking your wallet right now but it's definitely going to be some work to get an attack running so if you didn't lose much money, its probably not worth it to spend time on right now.
may be you now soft for bruteforce wallet GUI thru password window?
Do not think what my own password dictionary wil be more what 100-300 passwords
about 1btc in my wallet (((