Problem with comand line and -m mode!

I have a new problem!
I want to crack DomainCachedCredentials; the mode is -m 1100
I have my
uncracked hashes in the file uncracked.txt and want the
cracked hashes to be listed in cracked.txt.
The wordlist is called wl.txt.
All three files are in the same folder as oclhashcat.exe.
Now I wrote following command:

oclhashcat.exe -m 1100 -o cracked.txt uncracked.txt wl.txt

Whats wrong about it?
It doesn´t work!

Thanks to everybody who try to help me!
OCLHC doesnt directly support simple wordlist attack.
Is this right then?
Im trying this out now:
oclhashcat.exe -m 1100 -o cracked.txt uncracked.txt ?d?d?d?d ?d?d?d?d

Huh Not working!?

It says no salts loaded!
My hashfile looks like:

Why is it not working?
Got it working now!
The format has to be:

No help needed anymore!
Thanks anyway!

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the 1st example did not work because you only used a single wordlist (as rolf said). you need at least two wordlists OR one wordlist and one mask OR two masks.

the 2nd example should work. the hash must look like this -> hashConfusedalt where salt = username. it did not work because DCC support is broken in v0.21 somehow. use v0.20 for DCC support. i will fix this in v0.22.
I have noticed that problem too. However he does start working when you use the -e parameter (with the usernames in the file). I don't remember if I was able to crack some passwords with that configuration. I am wondering if Rabbitz was able to crack some password since the username was at the start instead of at the end...
fixed in v0.22