Help a total beginner: No usable dictionary file found.
Hi guys,

I'm using the 4.1.0 version on windows 10 (64kb).
I have tried everything to solve my issue but I have no solution.

Here is the command I prompt in:

hashcat64 -a 6 -m 7700 --force -o "C:\hashcat-4.1.0\result.text" "C:\hashcat-4.1.0\hashtest.txt" "C:\hashcat-4.1.0\wordlist.txt"

And here is the error message I always get:

./OpenCL/ Pure OpenCL kernel not found, falling back to optimized OpenCL kernel
No usable dictionary file found.

Thanks a lot for your help!
-a 6 is a hybrid attack mode, therefore you need to specify both the dictionary file and the mask

your command line should look something like this:
hashcat -a 6 -m 7700 hashes.txt dictionary.txt ?d?d?d?d

if you want to combine each line within the file "dictionary.txt" with 4-digit long numbers (0000-9999).

If you need to append a different set of characters, you need to slightly change the mask.

If you want to use a dictionary attack without a mask (straight attack mode), you need to use -a 0 instead (and remove the mask when using -a 0)
Thanks a lot phil! It's working fine now.