oclHashcat-lite Input question
I'm writing a .NET GUI application that starts oclHashcat-lite as a process, reads it's standard output and tries to write to it's standard input (to control the application, get status, pause, resume, quit, etc...).

For some reason, this doesn't work. The same program, if configured to run cmd.exe and send "dir" to it's StandardInput, returns proper directory listing as the output.

Anyone knows what the reason might be behind this?
yeah this has to do with oclHashcats prompt that reacts without user pressing enter. its using the last 3 functions: http://www.c-howto.de/tutorial-uebungen-...rlage.html

but, for reading status, i recommend reading the restore file instead of reading from stdout. see here: http://hashcat.net/wiki/oclhashcat_lite#...store-file
Thanks for the reply, man.
I'm looking to make better use of the available data (mainly progress, speed and GPU temperature) so that the software can be used to remotely monitor a box. The restore file, at first glance, doesn't really include that information.

With regards to user input, would you have any advice how would I go about sending a command to it?
well the progress and the speed can be read out of the restore file. the gpu temperature can be read using AMD ADL library or NVAPI for nvidia. sending a command, maybe with directx or an keyboard hook, not sure.. never need to do this.. Smile