Trying to get a myspace decrypt
So I found this I wanted to work with

Original- 99999999:0x30DA9C34BCA61201E7EA326F70BD4BE04120D7

So what I was trying to run was this- 30DA9C34BCA61201E7EA326F70BD4BE04120D7

But everytime I tried to run the hash I kept getting invalid length errors or it would say there is no hash and or corrupted.

I went thru the example hashes here

but I couldnt get anything to work. Could someone please lead me in the right direction of how to do this?
what's your command line? did you specify the correct hash mode?
I probably didnt honestly. I tried about 15 different modes I saw on the list based off youtube tutorials.

In the command the -mX is the X I changed about 15 times with modes from the list.

hashcat64.exe -mX -a0 --force decrypted.txt hash.txt

hashcat64.exe -mX -a3 decrypted.txt hash.txt

Completely new to this and learning from youtube mostly.
I recommend simply reading the --help output and wiki. Most youtube tutorials are excruciating.

By reading the --help output you would quickly notice that whatever that "decrypted.txt" file is, it doesn't belong there. Also you are not specifying neither a wordlist or a mask (depending on attack type). Blindly guessing things is not going to help you. Reading documentation is.