super noob
hi can some one give a link on how to use hashcat. can it hack wallets like this. . I had forgoten my passphrase Sad my passhrase is only 10 digit with numbers and letter
If something is not explicitly implemented the answer is "no", unless proven otherwise.
If you know the hash of your wallet.dat file, then you may reference it with hashcat's hash database [], with a mask attack if you are running random lettering and numbers. Otherwise, create a wordlist containing all the words that you can think would be your password (or if using common phrases, use a wordlist from Github), and hash it that way, as even Mask attacks can take a while. Looking at the src code, these wallets should be encoded the same as bitcoin core wallets are. Try running hash type: 11300 for your crack. Refer to [] to help you extract your wallet.dat's hash to use for your crack.

Mask Attack: hashcat -a 3 -m 11300 -i --increment-min=1 --increment-max=10 hash.txt [Mask char set] -o cracked.txt --outfile-format=2

Wordlist/Dictionary/Straight/pls choose one word for this attack: hashcat -a 1 -m 11300 hash.txt wordlist.txt -o cracked.txt --outfile-format=2