Error with NetNtlmv2 hash converted from john
I have only captured the username, challenge, and response and this information should be sufficient. I have my hash in this format:


Example: (no real hash, its made up but the length is the same.)

I got the error:

Hashfile 'hash.txt' on line 1 (user***...8e34984a9219081***:b34e0e2359836e66***): Salt-length exception
No hashes loaded.

Started: Thu Jul 05 09:50:28 2018
Stopped: Thu Jul 05 09:50:29 2018

What should I do? Thanks for any help!
Hmm - NetNTLMv2 looks longer than that. See the example NetNTLMv2 hash here:

If your command line works with that example hash, the problem is with your hash.